I teach a variety of courses at the undergraduate and graduate levels

GEOG/GEOL/NRES/ESE 406 Fluvial Geomorphology   credit: 4 hours

This advanced undergraduate/graduate level course provides a systematic overview of the forms and processes associated with rivers and drainage basins; topics include basin hydrology, drainage networks, river hydraulics, sediment transport processes, channel morphology, channel change, and human impacts on fluvial systems. Prerequisite: PHYS 101, and GEOG 103 or GEOL 107, or consent of instructor.

GEOG 408 Humans and River Systems  credit: 4 hours

Systematic analysis of the biophysical processes operating in rivers and watersheds and the interaction of humans on these processes. The course will emphasize the importance of biophysical processes and human interaction with these processes in river and watershed management. Class discussion and a class project will focus on analysis of practical river and watershed problems. 4 undergraduate hours. 4 graduate hours. Prerequisite: GEOG 103 or an introductory course in earth or environmental science.

GEOG/NRES 460 Aerial Photo Analysis   credit: 3 hours undergraduates, 4 hours graduate students

Overview of methods for extracting quantitative and qualitative information from aerial photographs using computer-based techniques and visual interpretation. The first part of the course covers basic photogrammetry and mapping. The second part focuses on interpretation of physical, biological, and cultural features. Prerequisite: Knowledge of trigonometry and basic physical geography (GEOG 103 or equivalent).

GEOG 471 Recent Trends in Geographic Thought   credit: 4 hours

This course examines recent trends in human and physical geography. Themes include empiricism, logical positivism, regionalism, Marxism, realism, phenomenology, and post-modernism as applied to geographic research. Emerging geographic literature is explored to identify the latest conceptual developments.

Geog 491  Research in Geography  credit: 2 hours

Detailed examination and discussion of the methods of initiating and executing research projects in human or physical geography (taught in separate sections); requires students to write a research proposal of a quality suitable for a graduate thesis. 2 undergraduate hours. 2 graduate hours. Prerequisite: GEOG 471; either graduate standing in geography or senior standing as a geography major and consent of department.

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